Our Operation Plan

How we will start and what we will focus on to develop Gatecoin and Gatemining


Opportunity Analysis

Our team will focus on finding areas in the mining field to exploit, for example FPGA mining is just getting started, and we are going for that.


Make a Plan

With the objective in mind, put together a plan to show our community that allows us to reach that goal in acceptable time



Achieve our goal and give it as a product or service to our growing community

Start using Gatecoin Today!

Start using Gatecoin today, go to the download section and click on the Wallet link, then select the github file depending on your operating system. Then run the application and sync the wallet


Would you like to know more?

We invite you to review our whitepaper, in that document you will find all the necessary information about the Gatecoin currency and the Gatemining organization

About The Team

Meet the representative of our development team


León Trotsky

Behind Gatecoin there are several people but they are represented by León Trotsky